Company information






Drix was founded in 1989 as a development company of specialized electronics.

In the period of 1995-1998, the company transformed into a manufacturer of semiconductors, thin film coatings and optical products.


Drix owns its own waferfab with cleanroom facilities for processing 100mm silicon wafers located in Lint, Belgium.

Today Drix offers both semiconductor processing services and optical products.


Milestones and timeline

1990: started operation in Mortsel, Belgium. First product: CPU board based on the Motorola 68k series.

1995: groundbreaking for the construction of the waferfab and 1st cleanroom in Lint, Belgium

1997: first thin film coatings on glass for use as black/white coatings.

1998: invention of the matted coating for cancelling reflections

1998: construction of the 2nd cleanroom

1999: production of bipolar power devices

2002: production of mask blanks

2006: production of reverse black coatings

2007: production of dichroic colour coatings on thin glass

2015: production of coatings with very high reflection and high energy thresholds.

2017: new facilities for volume glass cutting and grinding

2020: invention of a coating aimed at maintaining temperature stability on LED projectors



Cleanrooms: Class 1000 in the alleys, class 10 in the processing area

400 square meters of combined cleanroom area

300 square meters of glass cutting and grinding area


Our Values

Integrity we are fair and we do what we promise.

Persistence we never quit finding a solution: we see problems as challenges.

Competence we are good at what we do in our domain.

Make progress which lasts so everyone involved gets better.


What we do

Drix develops its own manufacturing processes, and many times also its own production equipment.

This allows us to develop products for niche markets.

We control the production process from raw materials to finished product.

We invest a large effort in development of new products and technologies.

Our products are manufactured in Belgium.


Who we are

We are a very dynamic team (one day more dynamic than the other) of 22 people.