New products and product improvements









January 2020

Reverse black coating with a dark side to the glass and an an outward diffused reflective layer.

This diffused reflective layer allows returning reflected light on another path, preventing excess downconversion on LED lightsources.



June 2019

The forward black coating is now available with a black chrome finish.

The heavy matted coating is available now on large formats, up to 160x160mm



November 2018

Our standard colour reference book is available.



September 2018

A standard colour glass size with a diameter of 15mm was added to our range.

We will stock Blueish Cyan, Magenta and Yellow on a thickness of 0.3mm.

Other colours may follow later, depending on demand.



February 2018

Introduction of an etchable version of our high power-density coating process 27.

This coating type is needed for projectors using an Osram Sirus lamp of 400W or higher.



January 2018

Colour gobo’s with a thickness of 0.1mm.

We are now offering all colour gobo’s and filters also on a thickness of 0.1mm.

This allows to bring the layers closer in focus when making a full colour CMYK image.

We will stock Blueish Cyan, Magenta and Yellow on the standard sizes of 20/23/25/29/34/41/64mm on a thickness if 0.1mm



December 2017

Our glass sizing capability is now down to 11mm diameter on black/white glass.

We can offer all black/white coatings (reflective/matted/black) om small sizes.

Production of these small sizes is upon request. Some lead time may apply.



August 2017

Improvement of etching resolution of our colour glass. The glass is now patternable down to the resolution of commercially available films.